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The stock market includes the primary market and the secondary market. The primary market is where companies going public sell their equity stocks to the public for the first time. The secondary is a space where the equity stocks of listed companies are freely traded through stock exchanges. It is important to learn about the stock market before you invest or trade in stocks. This is because by learning about the markets, you can make informed buy and sell decisions.
Yes, you most definitely can! Smart Money includes several modules tailored for each individual’s goals and investment knowledge. So, whether you are a beginner, a trader or an investor, you’ll find that there’s always something relevant to learn about the stock markets on Smart Money.
You do not need to have any specific skills or experience to start learning about the stock markets. In fact, on Smart Money, we have courses that can help even beginners get to know the basics of the markets better. So, if you have no relevant skills or experience, that’s nothing to worry about. You can start learning about the markets with the beginner modules on Smart Money.
Learning about the stock market could be right for you if you are planning to get started with equity investments. Since you are a beginner, it helps to get to know the fundamentals before you actually buy and sell on the market. Alternatively, even if you have invested in the markets before, learning about the important aspects of trading and investing can help you make more informed decisions about buying and selling in the stock market.
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